to Japan
What is it that draws a picture?
I want to tell people what I am in myself!
Journey to find something.
Draw a flower, draw a person, draw a landscape.
With such a journey, a little useful thing

We deliver watercolor sketch tool "w-lette"(doublet) to the world.

2016/9/19/   "w-lette" was aired on TV-WBS "Tora-Tama".
2017/6/8/ It was introduced at NHK-TV "Good morning Japan - Machikado Information Office".
You can buy it at Amazon. Search "w-lette"

There are advantageous information such as how to draw sketches, useful items, movies, etc.

Use w-lette like this!
Easy, fast, clever! Palette with W function "Doublet"
A new essential item for the sketch at the destination!
Watercolor sketch tool

Remove the pallet from the bag

Remove rubber belt 

Separate pallet and transparent plate

Through the watermark
Find the favorite landscape that you can see in the frame

Draw out the outline of the favorite landscape on a transparent board
with a whiteboard marker
Convenient with eraser. You can work while modifying it.
Vincent van Gogh's favorite system when young

Set up drawing paper. Clip on

The transparent plate faces the light source and looks thin
Trace the drawing with a pencil or ballpoint pen

Draw the details while watching the scenery

Insert the transparent plate into the paint

Setting complete!

You can draw a picture with this!
Let's begin coloring!
Sketch completed

Finger shape holding w-lette
Either right or left is possible

Look at the shape of the finger from

When using F1 size sketchbook

When drawing a large format picture
with a tripod


旅先でのスケッチには必須の新商品! 水彩スケッチツール