w-lette labo inc

Company Profile
Nobuo Kadowaki, Representative Director
Capital 1,000,000 yen
Headquarter Post Code 257-0051 1-5-515 Imagawa-cho, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 090-3138-2271 FAX 0463-86-6034
Warehouse / Factory Postal Code 257-0031 Kanagawa Prefecture Hadano City Soneya 2-6-30
Shimizu Heights 103
Transaction financial institution Yokohama Bank Hadano Branch
Corporate philosophy  
A fun and serious company!
Kadowaki Nobuo founded w-lette labo inc.
In 2007, we started sketch classroom "Shirohge cram school" in Hadano City, and we continue to give lectures on landscape paintings to many people who like sketches. New companies are constantly thinking for such a lot of people to be able to sketch happily, aiming at the development and dissemination of new painting materials.
Representative Kadowaki Nobuo likes rough and soft expressions in the architectural rendering business that is ongoing since the age of 28, and he was good at expressing in sketches. From that extension, in the leisure time I went outside and drew a landscape sketch.
Moved from Tokyo to Hadano, I noticed the splendor of Hadano's landscape, I sketched everything in Hadano for about three years and walked. That number exceeded 100 sheets. Issuing a free magazine called "Hatano's tour sketch" that posted those pictures and making opportunities for you to see, in 2007 the city that was held in the hall of the shopping center with support of the city tourist association At a corner of the exhibition, I got the opportunity to show off the original sketches.
It touched the eyes of the people who liked the painting, and the viewers also wanted to draw such a sketch, there is a voice that they want me to tell you, firstly we have no classroom so we started communication education. About half a year later, I felt the necessity of the classroom, I took a sketch classroom "Shihihage Juku" 2 minutes from the station.
Although it had been open for about 6 years, since all the students studying in the classroom graduated and all the students were drawing outdoors, the necessity of a classroom disappeared and the classroom was closed in 2015, and now the outdoor only It is a lesson. We hold 9 annual "School Student Exhibitions" held annually. Among them, it was a troublesome preparation to notice when I was going to draw a picture with you. It was about 2012 when I started thinking about whether I could make preparations quickly by lightly reducing the material.


We devised a new painting tool with paint palette and drawing board together, studied repeatedly, made about 10 models, then continued to evolve The current product "w-lette doublet" was completed and it became a convincing item , I decided to manufacture as a product. From the beginning of the development in 2012, Holbein, a painting material store that has been very supportive for the artworks invented by the painter in the field, is in charge of selling.
The principal invented as a member of the team of the development division of the "Japan Tourism Sketch Association" launched by writers who draw sightseeing sketches throughout the country, I also worked on the development of this product. Originally we are engaged in the manufacture and sale at the association, but since pursuit of profit is different from the original purpose of the association, it is independent from the development division and it manages w-lette development development, manufacturing and sales as the main company of the association main We launched the company "Doublet Lab. Inc.".
Founder and shareholder are Nobuo Kadowaki, one of the developers. After establishment, we are looking for shareholders through third-party allotment increase.
In the future, we will plan and develop products that would like to have such a painting material together with young people including association members.
Peep into it, trace it, draw a picture!
This system which draws directly on the transparent board is the system which was introduced by the master van Gogh early and is the origin of the perspective projection.
This is a big appeal different from ordinary boards. Also, having both a conventional sketchbook and paint pallet at the same time was very annoying. But doublet allows you to have it easily with one hand with either right hand or left hand. Even at the journey from the bag
Take it out and you can start painting immediately.
■ It is difficult to make a picture
■ I do not know the perspective projection
■ I can not have a picture board and a palette at the same time
■ It takes time to prepare to draw a picture
■ There is no palette for left handedness
W-lette will solve such troubles at once 
Starting from scratch, teaching the process of creating something new to something necessary for painting and life, making full use of the experience of making the "w-lette doublet" in the continuation of four years of research with full use of the Internet We will offer a manufacturing school to do. This experience is that I got to know a professional looking agent on net search, professional in data creation, professional in mold making, and resin molding professional.
I would like to learn the process of drawing up new ideas from young people and bringing them to products.